Ironman 2009

January 28th, 2009

Hi everyone.

We are now back from Ironman. We did this trip as a test to Martin´s new diet and offcourse for promotion purpose aswell.

He need to show him self i US so pople can see how big and ripped he is. We have been working with Dave Palumbo for this show, he help us out with promotion and give some input to MArtin´s diet .

But it´s me Fredrik Carlsson  how does most of the diet and last weks prep for MArtin, at the same time it´s me that, book the hotell, coach him, do the color, well I do everthing exept promoting him ( well I write on forums etc showing pics).

The diet Dave wanted MArtin to try is my own type of diet a KEto diet, we had to modifie it to MArtin´sw body and I can tell damn it´s works perfect on MArtin. SO big thanks to Dave for all the help and new inputs you gave us.

We will offcourse work with Dave to the Olympia beacouse he has good contact, and he is very good at nutriton so we can change many good diet tips together. And I can also say that his Supplement Line is asome.

MArtin will go over to Dave in a cuple of weeks again to go thru some posing technics etc

Well back to Ironma 13 place lol it´sa damn joke if I my say so, at worst he should be at 5 place.

I meen 290 lbs the second hardest in the show and aleast 55 lbs hevier then every one else .

Just read at coments from the pros at MD, Flex, BB . com , etc  is´t a big joke … Every one in US talkes about martin size and crazy condition.

So we did our work.

MArtin will not compete until MR Olympia in sep.

We have alot of wotk and fix some in his posing, presetation etc.

Stay tuned.


Fredrik Carlsson .com

Martin Kjellström in MDTV’s In The Trenches

December 29th, 2008

Training clip with Martin from his trip to New York a few weeks ago.…view/1873/204/…view/1874/204/…5&Ite mid=204…6&Ite mid=204…7&Ite mid=204…view/1878/204/

Romania GP 3:e place

October 13th, 2008

Back from Romania GP .

Martin is  OLYMPIA qualify!  Finally he got a good place, he is worth it all the way. He worked his ass off this year.

Put on some good muscle where it was needed, and now finally he got the chance to go over to Mr.Olympia stage.

This is huge Martin is the only swedish that have qualyfied for the Mr O ever…

We had Uffe Larsson  that competed at Mr O 1989 last time, but I don´t think he qualified in for the show ( it was held in sweden) so I belive he just got a ticket to compete becouse of that. tho he was the best we had back then offcourse.

So this is a break thru for swedish bodybuilding.

And do you belive the weight 134,5 kg ( 295,9 lbs) at stage and in this sick condition!  and with a good waist line at this size.

Here are some pics.

Regards  Fredrik focus.jpgm-v.jpgmartin-line-side.jpgmartin-lats-bak.jpgmartin-backstage.jpgmartin-ripped-back.jpg

Atlantic City Pro

September 14th, 2008

Well once again the show was about some names!

Some judges did not even look at Martin  when he came out in the 5 th callout.

I won´t say names but I mean what the F… is going on. Some that cracked top 10 was so bad so I nearly started to cry lol.

I mean Martin steped up on stage at 290 lbs same shape if not better than New York pro in May and 12 lbs heavier and in shape!  The only thing I can see was that Martin´s color was  bad at shoulders and thighs it was turning green. So Jan Tana has probably over done it when they but the color on. So that my be some reason. And his abs shoot was not good tho he pressed his stomac so it was a little wide, he should just twist it  a little bit then he looks great again. But he was on this night muscles was full, ripped everywhere and dry to the bone.

Here are some pics. More pics can be found at MD, and at Flex online.

Well it´s is a judgeing sport, but when they don´t look … at them whoooo  no words.





9½ week out Atlanta Pro

July 10th, 2008

New pics at Martin.

Martin curretn weight 145 kg ( 319 lbs)

I will say that I never seen MArtin in this shape this early out before.

Well some of you say yes, but I look on the small things that normaly pople don´t see, things like his: hams, glutes, and lower back.

I ´ll get back new pics in a couple od weeks.





June 17th, 2008

Some pic taken last weekend at an New amature show here in Sweden called Alstromstrofen.

Martin guestposed at the show.

Martin weight is at 316.8 lbs! (144 kg) and in this shape!

Next show will be Atlanta Pro, stay tunded for more info.

Regards FredrikCarlsson .com


Martin 7 place New York Pro

May 12th, 2008

Martin came 7 place in New York Pro!?

Is this fair play… don´t think so.

He would altleast be in top 5 or higher…

Live writing from MD:a

Dixon, Shabazz, Paco, Tarek, Leo Ingram, Martin Kt t

AD - they gotta give Martin a chance to fight his way up

DJ - I was surprised he wasn’t in the first callout

AD - He’s the best conditioned guy in the show
Flexonline: Seemingly overlooked were Martin Kjellstrom, who was at an all-time best,

p 3
DJ - I got Martin winning this group, easy

PHIL - Easy. thy need to give him another shot .. at least give him another shot

DJ - he beats a lot of them if they put him next to them … if they don’t give Martin another shot I’d be surprised .. that wouldn’t be right man, that wouldn’t be right …just by looking at his condition … how you gonna justify not putting him next to guys like Ben White? Or even David Henry? you gotta do that, that’s what we’re here for

Next New York Pro Show May10th

April 8th, 2008

Next up IFBB New York Men’s Professional Bodybuilding Championships Mat 10th.

Martin is in his full prep for New York, he feel that he is back on track with the diet and structure that he had back in spain 2007. In australia it was a small misstake with the last day´s contest prep. Easy fixed.

So now it hopefully will be the same and BETTER then back in spain GP.

I´ll get back with his progress

Regards Fredrik

Old pic for the fans:


Pics Australia GP

March 8th, 2008

Got the results from Australia.

Martin was huge, and fans loved him for his size!


But did not place in top six this time.

But he will be back again.

Here are some pics.

Martin is ready to rock!

March 5th, 2008

Martin is now in Australia for the GP show.

Tony said on bodybuilding radio that Martin is huuggee and very wide =)

And looks that he´s right on the money, Martin´s current weight is 298 lbs (135,5 kg)

Martin is ready!

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